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NutriRich TMR High Milk Plus (50 kg Bag)

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TMR – Total Mixed Ration is the Balanced Diet for all Livestock that combines Specified all nutrients, concentrations into a single mix.


NutriRich TMR High Milk Plus (18% CP):

A complete balanced ration for all livestock that combines all specified nutrient concentrations into a single feed mix.

  • NutriRich TMR High Milk Plus is a complete balanced ration for cows producing above 16.5 litres/day.
  • A perfect combination of leguminous & non-leguminous roughage’s, crude fibres, crude protein, crude fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.
  • More than 71% Total Digestible Nutrients with Optimal Quantity of Metabolic Energy guarantees an increase in milk production, higher recovery of milk fat and total solids vis-a-vis daily weight gains in animals.
  • Highly palatable due to its delicious taste.
  • Improves diseases resistance and animal health.
  • Improves foetal growth and minimizes the risk of abortions.
  • Made from a legume – non-legume Roughage’s, concentrates, minerals and vitamins
  • European mixing technology
  • Delicious in Taste
  • Guaranteed increase in milk yield and Weight gain
  • Round the year supply at an affordable price
  • Improves cattle, sheep and goat health



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