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Vishwa Agro Tech

NutriRich Corn Silage (Small Bales) 100KG

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Product Details :

  • NutriRich Silage is fermented with top quality ensiling bacteria which is excellent fed for cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats
  • Silage has a very high palatability, and feed conversion ration in dairy animals
  • Good for both, stallfed as well as pasture-fed dairy animals
  • NutriRich Silage ensures higher milk yields due to higher FCR and weight gains
  • Packed under tight anaerobic conditions in round Bales of average 100 kg weight
  • Packed Bales may be stored indoors as well as under the sun
  • Easy logistics and handling at the farm
  • Due to strict quality assurance during procurement, NutriRich silage offers consistent quality round the year
  • High nutritional value ensures improved health and resistance in your animals
  • Truly delicious in Taste
  • Available round the year at affordable prices

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