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Vishwa Agro Tech

NutriRich Corn Silage (Regular)

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Product Details :

  • Silage is a high moisture stored fodder that is used as feed for cattle feed and sheep feed.
  • Regular Silage cost Rs. 6/kg. This can be sold in bulk stock using silage bags.
  • Silage is fermented, high moisture stored fodder that can be fed to cattle, sheep, and goats.
  • Silage is very useful to install fed farming.
  • Silage is very useful in summer when there is no scope for natural grazing.
  • Dairy cows produce more milk with silage feeding.
  • Packing into Round Bales of 380 kgs.
  • Can be stored in an open Area.
  • Silage is a good source of nutritious food.
  • Consistent quality.
  • High in Nutrition.
  • Digestible in Delicious in Taste.
  • Guaranteed increase in milk yield and Weight gain.
  • Round the year Supply at an Affordable price.
  • Improve the Cattle Health.

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